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About Our Organization

SWSO established in 1996 and initiated working in areas’ of relief, rehabilitation and development as well as capacity building through conducting different training workshops, consultancy and demonstrations in (Agricultural practices, activities, practical as learning by doing performances and agriculture extension services), education,vocational training, basic preventive health services and hygiene and sanitation and social issues as well as conducting Baseline, Mid-term and end line Monitoring and evaluation, post distribution Monitoring and evaluation and Impact analysis.

As well as SWSO team have conducted emergency, relief and development projects like food aid and food security and livelihood, disaster and risk reduction DRR Management and development socio-economic projects as (Food for work, Cash for work, Cash Grant and Cash for training), as well as SWSO Team have been conducted Gender, human right and civil society trainings, Vocational training, handicrafts, sowing and tailoring training, goldsmith and literacy services, through maintaining participatory approach mechanism (working for people with people), conduct trainings of management (need assessment, appraisal, planning, Monitoring and evaluation, PCM, PPM/LFA and methods of PRA, RRA and community organization, mobilization and empowerment including literacy services) .

Our Mission

At SWSO (Social Welfare Services Organization), our mission is to enhance the social well-being and welfare of individuals in Afghanistan. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and services to vulnerable communities, focusing on the following areas: Education, Healthcare, Social and Economic Empowerment, Gender Equality, Emergency Response and Humanitarian Aid, Food, Shelter, WASH ( Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

Our Vision

In SWSO (Social Welfare Services Organization), our vision is to transform the Afghan community into a sustainable, equitable, and better society. We are committed to fostering a healthy and united community where all members are free and equal in opportunities and rights.

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